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Flimsy Credentials

7th Jul 2009 2 Comments

Steve Groves at the London Free Press posted a link on twitter to an interview with photojournalist Derek Ruttan that had a selection of press passes he’d collected during his career.

It was almost surprising to see how little care is put into …

Media stuff

19th Mar 2006 0 Comments has been getting a lot of media attention lately. Well a lot of media attention for the area I live in. TBTV [1][2] ran a story on it during the evening news, TBsource and CKPR also covered the site. Granted they are all owned by …

Mayor Dan

1st Mar 2006 0 Comments

We, with Mayor Dan Onichuk, launched a quick preview of the direction his site is headed in today. Dan went on B93 FM this morning for a Talk Back session and droves of people flocked to the site when it was mentioned by Mike Freeman during the interview.