An Inch of Joy

10th Mar 2010 0 Comments

Lately I’ve been on a bit of a button kick, of the one inch variety, gathering a respectable collection of them in the last year or so to show for it. The majority of them are design and civic pride related buttons, but I’ve also convinced a few clients to get in on the mix as well.

Last month I did three sets for PodCamp Toronto, and one for Leschinski Design; a little less recently I did a series for CastRoller at PAB. All were a big hit with people, and I often get asked where they were made.

And while I’m not one to promote companies or products, I’m always happy to tell them, and recommend, Crucial Pins here in Toronto. They’ve been great in the year or so that I’ve used them and I have nothing but praise for the service and products they produce for me and my clients. The end product has always been well produced with clear prints, careful assembly, and a quick turn around.

But most importantly the price is right. It’s not hard convincing clients to get buttons made at the price points Crucial Pins offers, and the variety of sizes beyond the one inch format has been handy.

I’d say any designer loves when they can see their work in physical form, and those of us who deal mostly with the web likely find that to be a rare treat. That’s why these little gems hit the spot for me.

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