CodeCamp Waterloo Identity

28th Oct 2009 0 Comments

CodeCamp Waterloo is a BarCamp style event for programmers and developers in Waterloo Ontario Canada. Will Spaetzel, lead organizer, approached me to create their events identity and this is an insight into the process that went into creating it.

CodeCamp Sketch
In evaluating the project I decided on two messages I wanted to convey within the identity for CodeCamp. The first being programing and development and the second focusing on the camp association. Waterloo, being about as nondescript as you can get for an urban center, led me to the decision to avoid the common practice in BarCamp identities to include imagery or allusions to the host city.

With these elements in mind I began sketching out some ideas, focusing primarily on a literal camping theme (BarCamp originating from actually camping at the event overnight). I also used this theme as an opportunity to allude to the BarCamp branding use of fire. The code and programing aspect was focused initially as a texture within the mark, that however changed in latter versions to be a more central component of the mark.
CodeCamp V1
Once I had a path in mind I was able to take these ideas into the digital world and flesh them out a bit. With a bit of refinement I was able to narrow it down to one or two styles. The raging fire became a single flame, a nod to that idea igniting in your head like a match being lit in a dark space, and the code texture came into it’s own, using binary to hide a message in the mark. The placement of the code was a bit tricky to place, forcing it out of the background and into the spotlight, but I think the final solution works out really well.

The final bit of work was on the type, using the usual BarCamp style lockup and typeface (Century Gothic), and borrowing the maple leaf element from PodCamp London to emphasize the country of origin. In the end I delivered a versatile and unique identity to Will and CodeCamp Waterloo that has the potential to be a jumping point for other CodeCamp’s to model themselves after.
CodeCamp takes place January 30 & 31, 2010. CodeCamp is completely free to attend.

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