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Custom Stamps!

23rd Jun 2009 2 Comments

My good friend Kataish at Odd-ish Creations has been hand carving stamps for the last couple of months and has been turning out some great stuff. So when I got a message from her with a link to the image below I was more then pleased to see my …

Stratford Festival Reviews

16th Jun 2009 0 Comments

Conceived by Keith Tomasek, Stratford Festival Reviews is the source for everything you need to know about the legendary Stratford Festival.

The site, designed by Leschinski Design, gives you the latest and greatest in reviews on the hottest plays of the festival and the hot spots to enjoy a meal …

Deys Fabricating

11th Jun 2009 0 Comments

Just in time for summer Deys Fabricating and I are happy to unveil the new website.

The design updates the previous static and dated version of the companies online presence, and brings a fantastic fresh design inspired by water and light. …

PodCamp London 2009

6th Jun 2009 0 Comments

PodCamp London was a smashing success. Tons of people, plenty of great sessions, and best of all I got to see my work all over the place.

Over the last few months I’ve been helping make PodCamp London the best looking PodCamp ever. Everything from signage, stickers, name badges, to hats, shirts, and more I had my fingerprint on and it was fun to see it all come together. I even had a limited set of posters printed out that I had everyone sign. Bill and Titus, the main organizers, got two, and Duane Brown won the other. I hope they enjoy them as much as I enjoyed putting them together.

And speaking of sessions.