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PodCamp Toronto

Leschinski Design helped revitalized the brand and online experiance for PodCamp Toronto, the largest new and social media event in Canada,
with a fresh take on the iconic logo and a slick new website. Visit PodcampToronto.com

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Clinical Depression<br/>(the funny kind)

Clinical Depression
(the funny kind)

Clinical Depression (the funny kind) began as a project for a writing workshop. It evolved over time and was quite depressing at first, but then …

PodCamp Toronto

PodCamp Toronto

After the great experience working with the PodCamp London team, and knocking it out of the park, I thought ...
The Better Way-finding

The Better Way-finding

The TTC has a long history of abusing users with haphazard signage, but for a second in the early 90’s the TTC seemed to care and wayfinding expert Paul Arthur was hired to make sense of the mess. Arthur’s new …

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